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mini football, mini basketball, mini soccer ball

Available in assorted colors.

 Printing available on one or two sides.

mini footballs,

custom sport ball, birth announcments, baby announcments, baby showers

FAST DELIVERY: Less than 2 weeks. (in most cases, shipping time will vary)

mini Basketballs, mini footballs, mini soccerballs, mini volleyballs

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted


Shipping Boxes Available

birth announcments, baby announcements
Soccer & Volleyballs

Unique Baby Announcments, party favors

Pre-order your Birth Announcements today
and shorten delivery time!

After you pre-order, all the paper work will be ready and waiting.
Just fax or email your baby's stats, when born, and
your order will be process immediately,

. . . we will not bill your credit card till your baby is born.

Sign-Up TODAY for Announcing-Baby's - Monthly Special Newsletter. Brings you Unique Sport Ball Birth Announcements Imprinted with Your Newborn's Stats.

Custom Imprinted Mini Footballs, Mini Basketballs, Mini Soccer Balls, Mini Volleyballs, Mini Hockey Pucks,
Baby Showers, Party Favors and Stress Balls for Birth Announcments, Party Favors, Baby Showers Favors,
Baby Announcements, and any sports theme party.

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